In support of our goal to impact the arts, sciences, humanities, and education in Oklahoma through increased partnerships, programming and public awareness that promote critical thinking and creativity, the DaVinci Institute initiated, in 2003, the DaVinci Scholars program.

Each year we honor a special group of Oklahoma teachers by recognizing them as DaVinci Scholars.  These teachers possess a unique set of characteristics.  Each has graduated from an Oklahoma college or university.  Each has chosen to remain in Oklahoma to build a teaching career and is currently employed as a teacher in an Oklahoma public or private P-12 school.  These DaVinci Scholars practice interdisciplinary instructional methods in the classroom, recognize and support the value of multiple intelligences, individual learning styles, and foster creativity and critical thought in students.  A DaVinci Scholar collaborates with peers and parents and understands that learning is not static but rather an ongoing lifelong process.

The application packet for the 2018 DaVinci Scholar Awards is available here: DaVinci Scholar Award Application Instructions

The following individuals have received recognition as DaVinci Scholars.

Elanna Lindenberg
Putnam City Public Schools
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Shelley Cook
Woodward Public Schools
Woodward, Oklahoma
Paige Bergin
Union Public Schools
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Kevynn Sanford
Noble Public Schools
Noble, Oklahoma
Arlyn Brantley
Comanche Public Schools
Comanche, Oklahoma
Heather Wright
Metro Christian Academy
Tulsa, Oklahoma
In 2008,The DaVinci/Martin Scholars Program was created and made possible by a generous donation from The Martin Family Trust. June Scarborough Martin and husband Karl were both graduates of the University of Tulsa. The DaVinci Institute gives humble thanks to the Martin family.

Julia Davidoff – St. Gregory’s University
Grace Ferry – St. Gregory’s University
Natalie Jennings – USAO
Jami Mumford – UCO
Samantha Reed – UCO
Kylie Clark—USAO
David Dotson—NSU
Lindy Jones—USAO
Shelby Rogers—UCO
Michelle Roselle—OCU
Jessica Becker–St. Gregory’s University
Ashley Woody–CU
Laura Borkenhagen–UCO
Amanda Jespersen–NSU
Rae Anne Klement–St. Gregory’s University
Katie Alsup—OCU
John P. Clark—St. Gregory’s University
Carolyn Dock—USAO
Rebecca Maness—NEOSU
Kasi Snow—USAO
Mollie Reid, OCU
Taylor Sawyer, NSU
Krystin Tavard, OC
Sarah DeToy, UCO
Jennifer Woodard, SWOSU
Kara Carrero, OSU
Avery Chambers, NSU
Emma Johnson, OCU
Skyler Mulder, OU
Dominick Cooper, ORU
Jerica Briggs, OC
Kelsey R. Bennett, USAO
Sarah Rogers, UCO
Crystal Cathey, OU
Whitni Hatfield, CU
Tina Van Brunt
Amy Coble
Ruth Cole
Baylee Pittman
Jessica Bottoms
Jacqueline Turner
Andrea Steffey
Heather Surber
Melanie Stout
Geary Crofford
Tiana Cook
Kelly A Sehon
Rochelle M. Wood
Ellen Fitzwater
Bobbie E. Gower
Shelli Lamons
Melody Tyler
Heather Brand,
Tracy R. Hull
Carla Beckmann
Michelle Cole
Corley Clifton
Lindsey Groom
Kimberly Massicotte
Stefani Overton
Thomas Parker
Ty Shreck
Kristen Thumser
Beth Ann White


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