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What I Teach

Felix J. Aquino, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Oklahoma City Community College Although my day job is being an administrator at Oklahoma City Community College, at least once a year I like to try my hand at teaching a course … Continue reading

I am a Critical Pedagogue

by Amy Aldridge Sanford, Associate Professor of Communication, Northwest Oklahoma State University To be a critical pedagogue requires constant evaluation of the teaching and learning spaces in which one can affect change.  It means knowing the enrollees’ names in a … Continue reading

Why Creativity Matters and What We Can Do About It

by Felix J. Aquino, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Oklahoma City Community College In recent years there has been much debate over the role of colleges and universities in society. In particular, some commentators have contended that higher education should … Continue reading

Why College Education Matters

by Gary Davidson, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Association of Community Colleges Recently some critics of higher education have manufactured some research to tell us that a college education is not worth the price anymore. Funny how those that think higher education … Continue reading

Mission Possible!!

by Kyle Dahlem, Executive Director, DaVinci Institute The mission of the DaVinci Institute is to promote a statewide creative renaissance through lectures, professional development, research and advocacy. Although some would think this is an impossible mission based on abstractions, members … Continue reading