DaVinci Fellowship Nominations

The DaVinci Institute has two types of fellowships that member institutions may nominate faculty for.

DaVinci Fellowship

The DaVinci Institute Board of Directors requests nominations for the DaVinci Fellowship.  This Fellowship funds creative projects, broadly defined, among Oklahoma’s higher education faculty.  Acting on the premise that creative thought and insight are fundamental components of extraordinary scholarship, invention, teaching, and performance across academic disciplines, the DaVinci Institute seeks nominees whose proposals for future projects reflect a high degree of innovation and creativity.  Each institute may nominate up to two faculty members per year. Nominations require the signature of a representative of The Office of The Provost or Academic Vice President.

DaVinci Creativity in Education Fellowship

As a new category within DaVinci Fellowships, The DaVinci Institute is offering $1000 fellowships to promote scholarship in any area of creativity in education. Faculty at both two- and four-year institutions that are members of the DaVinci Institute are eligible to apply for these fellowships and may apply as individuals or collaborative groups.  Collaborative projects will be eligible for a single award. There is no institutional limit for the number of Creativity in Education Fellowship proposals that can be submitted. Each submission MUST have institutional approval to be considered complete in the form of the following: signature of faculty member’s immediate supervisor (Department Chair, Dean, etc.) AND the signature of a representative of The Office of The Provost or Academic Vice President.

DaVinci seeks to encourage increased understanding about the efficacy of various approaches to developing human creativity.  Researchers are encouraged to submit proposals that answer questions such as: How do you develop the aptitude to be creative? How do you know when it works?  What assessment tools could be used to measure creativity?  These projects may apply to a wide variety of educational settings, including K-12, higher education, corporate training, and community development.