DaVinci Scholar Nominations

The DaVinci Institute selects Scholars in two categories that member institutions may nominate qualifying students for:

DaVinci Scholar

The DaVinci Institute Scholar Award exists to recognize pre-service teachers for their academic accomplishments and their service to the community. This award category has been in place for many years, and it has been DaVinci’s honor and pleasure to recognize outstanding pre-service teachers as well as providing some financial support for the creativity they will bring to their work educating students.

DaVinci 2-Year Scholar

Launched in 2021 as a new category for DaVinci Scholar recognition, the DaVinci Two-Year Scholar Award is designed to honor students from two-year institutions whose academic accomplishments and service to the community are deemed most notable. Students whose nominators consider them and their service learning projects to be exemplars in areas defined for consideration for this award must attend the institution for two consecutive years. As with the Scholar Award, DaVinci is pleased and honored to provide some financial support for the creative, service-oriented work these 2-Year Scholars accomplish.