DaVinci 2018 Fall Forum Report

The 2018 Fall Forum featured a presentation From Danny Mattox from the K20 Center and NextThought at the University of Oklahoma. The presentation, titled “successful Creative Strategies from K-12 that

Can Work in Higher Education,” opened the resources for strategies at the K-20 website and demonstrated several of them with hands-on experiences. In break-out sessions following the presentation, groups of faculty from institutions of Higher Education across the state discussed strategies from the site they might implement in courses in the spring, or other strategies or tools of their own they wanted to share. The participants participated in a plenary session after that sharing ideas from their groups in the break-out sessions.

A group of participants convened at UCO at the Nigh Center, and the plenary sessions were made available from UCO via Zoom. This enabled remote sites to be set up at Cameron and at Northeastern, in Broken Arrow and in Tahlequah, and other participants joined individually via Zoom. This made is it possible for groups to participate in the DaVinci Fall Forum without having to travel to Edmond. The new format was successful and DaVinci Institute may continue to use these useful technologies in future events. In the final plenary discussion, the participants were excited about the  possibilities for creative strategies presented and discussed in the forum and were actively planning to use new tools and strategies as high engagement practices in their spring courses.  While the discussion ranged beyond the strategies presented in the opening session, the many of the participants were certainly very excited to discover the new resource of the K-20 site (strategies tab) and the interface, which allows you to select activities according to a number of selection criteria, such as the length of time for the activity or whether the activity is to be at the beginning, middle or end of the class period.

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