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Creativity-Inspiring Environments

An interesting article about creativity as prompted by the built environment appeared recently in The New York Times as part of its August 7, 2016, Education Life supplement. Though Lange indicates there’s little research yet to identify the best architectural designs for sparking creativity, she does say there are common features in buildings that have been intentionally designed to inspire creativity. Some common features include spacious, naturally lighted areas to encourage lingering and reflecting; an absence of walls in favor of collective engagement areas; informal lounge areas; and social spaces for learning. There is much research supporting the restorative and creativity-friendly impact of time spent in nature. Soaring ceilings, wide walkways and staircases, open spaces inside for collective thinking and tinkering — all of these can be excellent approaches to stimulate creativity in the built environment. But maybe an even more powerful effect can be had by communing with nature Continue reading

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Fred Provenza Speaking at Redlands CC February 18

Dr. Fred Provenza will be presenting “Our Landscapes, Our Livestock, Ouselves, Restoring Broken Linkages among Plants, Herbivores and Humans” at the first Redlands Community College Field Day. Provenza is a nationally known speaker and of interest to everyone who values … Continue reading

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Gender Bias in Whether Others See You as Creative?

By Jeff King, Ed.D., Executive Director of the Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning, University of Central Oklahoma Some fascinating research out of the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University indicates that people tend to rate men … Continue reading

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First-Generation College Students Are Not Disadvantaged Slobs

Felix J. Aquino, Ph.D. Vice President of Academic Affairs Oklahoma City Community College I am a first-generation college graduate. There . . . I’ve said it. I grew up in a very solid, blue- collar household. My father had an eighth … Continue reading


Becoming Open

By Andrew Lang, Oral Roberts University This blog post is dedicated to Jean-Claude Bradley who is dearly missed [1, 2]. In 2007, I began investigating how to use Multi User Virtual Environments (MUVEs) such as Second Life for research and … Continue reading

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