Future Forces Affecting Education


By Kyle Dahlem, Executive Director, DaVinci Institute

Consider these questions

  • What foresight has gone into educational decisions, legislative action when considering the role of cultural/economic influences? These are not necessarily new questions but ones that are being asked more frequently.
  • What role does higher education play in addressing health problems? “It is estimated that 13 –20 percent of children living in the United States (up to 1 out of 5 children) experience a mental disorder in a given year . . .” Center for Disease Control, Children’s Health Report. May 16, 2014
  • When will the discrepancy between college debt and career salaries influence college going rates and graduation?
  • As youth become more media-savvy with ubiquitous wireless, global positioning, global information systems displays everywhere, how will higher education adapt?
  • How will higher education respond to unbundled education—open content, curriculum, social media?

Creative minds, innovative practices are needed as strategic planning is developed for the future of higher education.

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